Escomatic lathes

Escomatic lathes

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Bocaiúva, Brasil

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Escomatic Lathes Mobile Headstock lathe that works with roll material, maximum clearance 6.35mm. The maximum rotor speed is 10,000 rpm, the maximum machinable length with one collet opening is 67mm, and it can reach 120mm with two openings. By machining the stationary materials, precision of 10 microns in diameter is easily achieved. The machine machines parts without bedame nozzles, providing perfect and parallel facing on both sides. Esco lathe D4 Escomatic lathe D4 with fairing, meeting the current safety standards, new rotor, new electric board, Year 2003. PRICE: 34,500.00 EURO FOB FRANCE lathe esco D2 Esco lathe D2 MACHINE TOTALLY REFurbISHED IN SWITZERLAND WITH CARDING FITTED TO NBR12 STANDARD PRICE 29,900.00 EURO FOB FRANCE.